About the author of Symptom of the Universe

Michael Saporito

I am a 40 something, married, father of two boys. I work as a law librarian in Boston and love to read, write and discuss a myriad of topics. This is my portal to the world – welcome aboard and please feel free to comment!

Symptom of the Universe will have essays about politics, current events, news, arts, an occasional story and once in a while a critical review on a book or movie. I am writing from Left of Center after residing many years well Right of Center. I have a love of freedom and individual rights and a dislike and lack of trust for politicians. I guess you could say I trust the Left more and I am not offended by their platform. There will also be more than rare pieces dealing with atheism and religion.

I aim to keep this tasteful and I welcome any and all comments from readers – agree with me or disagree with me – this country, and all free nations were built around open dialogue – I am concerned that this seems to be missing from the modern day political arena in the United States. Too much posturing, too much partisan politics. I try my damnedest to respond to all comments – whether or good or bad – and I will not block any comments or commentators unless things get way out of hand. Stimulating discussion is my aim.

Welcome aboard – glad to have you here.

– Mike


3 Responses to “About the author of Symptom of the Universe”

  1. The Axe Says:

    Symptom of the Universe- Is that not a Black Sabbath Song?? I fear your views maybe skewed to the Occult! But I will read on regardless.

  2. Arnold Greenblatt Says:

    Hi Michael

    Reconize the name. Just got off the phone with Gail and dis not realize that it was you writing the Scott
    Brown commentary. I am impressed.


  3. karen Says:

    Looking forward to when you have an RSS feed, I can add you to my reader! Props to Gail for being your editor!

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