Elizabeth Warren is really for US – and is the right choice for US Senate

Scott Brown wants you to believe he is for the regular guy and familes. OK – fine – a lovely position to hold – but is it really how he has worked in Washingon? Scott has voted against tougher regulations on the pharmaceutical industry, against labeling GMOs, against restraints on farm-raised fish (which are known carcinogens) and against US citizen’s rights to buy similar prescription medicines from Canada. On top of this he took a $2500 campaign donation from Gerry Conigliaro, the owner of New England Compounding Center, Framingham – the same firm that is responsible for the deaths of 12 people and life threatening illnesses of 126 others. The embarrassment from this donation has led Brown to disassociate himself from it by donating it to the Meningitis Foundation of America after the fact. But none of this should matter – right? Because Scott Brown is for us – not for gigantic corporate interests and all any of us should be concerned about is what percentage of Native American blood Elizabeth Warren has.

People around here think Brown is OK – just because he is not as scummy as Boehner and Kantor. Well to that I say what difference does that make if he votes how they tell him to vote and not in the interests of those he is supposed to be serving.

Less than one and done for Scott – let’s send someone to Washington who works for people – not corporate interests – please vote for Elizabeth Warren for US Senate on Election Day.


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2 Responses to “Elizabeth Warren is really for US – and is the right choice for US Senate”

  1. Axe Says:

    I think it is completely slimy of you to Infer that Scott Brown did something wrong by accepting a 2500 dollar donation from that pharmaceutical company in Framingham. That is plain slime.

  2. sapblatt Says:

    That is not what I inferred – it is what I wrote – there is no inference, it is what it is – it is A-OK to accept the money – but accepting that money is not free – and his vote was bought by drug companies to lessen restrictions. It is one of many examples of Brown’s putting mega corporate interests ahead of everyday people. Use your real name Axe…

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