How is a Rat Going to Escape this Zinger?


The latest news from Vatican City finds the catholic man closest to god on planet Earth more personally ensnared in the ongoing Catholic Church pedophilia scandals. Cardinal Ratzinger was in charge of handling these matters for the Church as the leader of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in 1985, and the years preceding his rise to the papacy.  A letter has come to light that shows his refusal to defrock a known pedophile in a California diocese.

 As per the usual fare, Rome is denying any wrong doing in this matter. The strictly hierarchical church is now stating that it was the California bishop’s responsibility to discipline the bishop, and that Rome was not responsible. It is interesting that in matters like birth control and allowing women into the priesthood the Vatican has plenty to say to the American bishops, but in matters of child rape and torture they simply wash their hands of it and say it is a local, parochial issue that needs to be tended to by the local bishop.

 In 1985 Ratzinger responded to the inquiries from Oakland with “Consider the good of the Universal Church.” As we have seen repeatedly, this is how the allegedly pious, holy men deal with the children of their faith; it is more important to protect the name and title of a felonious priest and the saintly church than it is to protect a helpless child from a savage attacker. This organization that spends so much time and concern with inane ideas like sainthood for past Popes should look into canonizing these innocent victims as the true martyrs of their church.

 The church has one sure fire way to end this crisis, save face and move on – hand over all of the accused pederasts and the evidence to the civil authorities. The organization must stop harboring and protecting these criminal and face the fact that the hierarchy is complicit in the cover up of the crimes and the endangerment of others with their policies of transferring the offenders quietly. A hypothesis as to why they do not do this is because the accused priests have information that is damning to the powers in the Vatican.

 This past week I was horrified to find out two of the priests at the church my family went to when I was a child were among the many guilty priests. As far as I know there were never any issues with child molestation at St. Joseph’s in Ipswich, MA but the Father’s Kane and Cotter were listed as offenders; not that you can rank these crimes in order of disgust, but Cotter was a particularly heinous case and was part of a monstrous settlement between the church and victims. John Cotter had the good fortune to die in 1989 and escape public scrutiny. I was done with this horrid organization around 1981 – if the church does not step up and really get involved in the seriousness of the situation it will not be long before there is nobody left for them to preach to. 

  Information from the AP was used in this piece:

 To learn about abusive priests:


2 Responses to “How is a Rat Going to Escape this Zinger?”

  1. Sean Says:

    wow – with every passing day i find it amazing that i can feel that much more hatred for the ignorance – lack of accountability – decietfulness..
    i honestly think that all of these pedophiles who are protected and their protectors should be all tried….shot/hung whatever….

    cause when it gets down to it…the “church” or religion for that matter has never had a problem with killing people…even though it is one of their commandments…

    even more funny and hipocritical is the commandment – honor thy mother and father…right? – this b.s. about automatic respect because some authority figure commands it is wrong…
    respect should be earned….

    some parents/authority figures deserve it…MOST do not.

  2. Larry Says:

    Gripping stuff, Mike. Can’t agree more. I do wonder about your last line about the Church having nobody left to preach to. If you look at where the Church is picking up converts, it’s below the Equator, mostly. It is doing well in societies where authority is rarely, if ever, challenged. I even see it in my own family—“how can you disagree with the POPE!” Hard to break bad habits.

    As you know and have mentioned before, the Church is a medieval institution locking horns with the modern world. It will plow through this crisis like it has a million times before, unfortunately.

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