Vatican: Sin City

The church has rotted to the core and at the very least has significantly atrophied. The churchgoing base in the United States, Canada and Europe has fallen back and many of the once faithful now have to come to terms with their own personal faith and what this means to them. The critical thinker has seen that this organization preys upon the weak and tries desperately to cover its own tracks. The crimes and cover ups now reach to the highest offices in the church. The true scoundrels of religion are now hiding behind the fact that the Vatican City is a state and their leader is immune from prosecution.

 Much like Timex, the church will take “a lickin’ and keep on tickin’” (no pun intended.) Their respect and prestige is likely tarnished forever – or at least for a generation or two. In the era of 24/7 media coverage and easy access to information it is unlikely that this scandal (scandal really is a euphemism for criminal enterprise in this case) will escape them. When faith enters the equation reason is dismissed – people of faith will look the other way when the charge is against the church when they would never look the other way if the perpetrators of these crimes were teachers, politicians or businessmen.

 I am an atheist with little tolerance for any religion. I was raised catholic and quit in my mind by age 13. I feel bad for the faithful and the loss of respect of their church and community that has befallen them because of so many bad apples (it really is more than a few – there are thousands of victims worldwide) and embarrassingly corrupt and inept leadership. If the church had only had chosen for its future (i.e. the innocent children who were victimized) and not for protectionism of felons they would have a rosier (rosaryier?) future. In my own family I have a devout father who will no longer participate at the parish level – he has found a peaceful chapel at a convent where he goes to pray. My sister and her husband are both catholic and have chosen to forego religious education for their children in light of all of these scandals.

 As this scandal grows like a cancer each week brings newer, more disturbing and surreal news to the headlines. This past week priests and missionaries in Africa have been charged with raping nuns and other women and then paying for their silence and abortions. Now we have multiple sins going on and approved use of abortion, one thing the church has consistently abhorred. Just yesterday church officials equated the presses coverage of pedophile priests with the Holocaust – that is brilliant spin – the priests and the church are now the victims.



One Response to “Vatican: Sin City”

  1. Kevin Says:

    I am not ready to label myself an atheist. I believe in “Good” more than a “God”, but I too was raised catholic. With what has been made public over the past 5 years there is no chance of me finding a God that sits above this type of behavior. For the church to turn a blind eye or try and shift blame is reprehensible. To me religion, like charity, begins at home. More specifically, with ones self and how one conducts themself on a daily basis. The leaders of the catholic church simply do not meet my criteria for how I expect good people to behave.

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